Can Two Guys Say "I Miss You"?

Is it weird for 2 guys friends to say I miss you?

I know that we’re living in 2019, but the culture I grew up with didn’t really support this unless there was some kind of joke attached to it.

“I kind of miss that annoying voice”, or I missed yo’ old peanut head”.

But can two guys just say “I miss you”?

Even though some people may think this is awkward, I think that it’s healthy and shows a bit of maturity in a friendship.

Growing up in a masculine culture, there were a number of things that as a guy, you just didn’t do because it wasn’t manly, but that mindset is unhealthy.

I am constantly in shock of how many guys don’t really know how to express what they feel, and I think that part of it is because of the culture they’ve been surrounded by.

I tell my friends that I miss them. I tell them that they look good, and I say that they smell good too! 

Weird, huh?

This is my genuine expression of how I feel about my friends, and it’s what I’m thinking about them, so why not say it?

There is such a freedom to express to your friends how you feel about them, and more times than not, the feeling is mutual. 

So my encouragement is that as you are learning how to express how you feel, that you share with your friends what you think about them.

And when you miss them, you just say, “I miss you”.