Expectations On Our Friendship

25% of people of Millennial don't have friends.

Well, that’s according to a recent study by YouGov. They state that 22% of millennials don’t have friends, 27% don’t have close friends, and 30% don’t have a best friend.


But rather than thinking about how lonely we can be, it makes me think about the definition we’re using to define friendship in 2019.

When I was younger, a friend was just someone I hung out with all the time.

But the older I get, the more I realize that my definition of friendship is changing, and I require more from my “friends”.

Could this be the reason that so many of us feel as if we don’t have any friends?

I was talking about this recently with my wife, and we concluded that some of the people I deemed “friends”, didn’t fall into our definition of what a friend is.

Now I have a question.

If the definition of friendship is different, now that we are older, do our friends know what that definition is?

Or, do they know what our expectations are for our friends? 

I think that this is something that we should consider, regardless of how many friends we have. Do they know what I want from them?

When we don’t have clear expectations of what a friend is, then it’s hard to really put anyone in that category. 

Also, if we aren't communicating that expectation to them, then how can they really know what we want from them and if we are really friends. 

Communicating our expectations can be the main reason why we struggle with creating and maintaining friendships. 

This can also cause us to miss out of some on some relationships that we could really benefit from. 

So, do you have friends? Do they know you’re friends? Do you have expectations for your friendship?

I think it’s time to have that talk with our “friends”.

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