Healthy Relationships Start With a Healthy You


Healthy relationships start with a healthy you. 

If you are not healthy then, your relationships are not going to be as healthy as they could be. I That’s why it's important to be self-aware.

Being Self-Aware means knowing where you are and emotional, spiritually, and mentally, seeing where you want to be, how can you move forward toward being completely healthy.

Don’t forget, being healthy doesn't necessarily mean that you're always at a 100% or that you're always at the top of your game, but it means knowing where you are, knowing when you need time to rest and rejuvenate.

When you move closer to being healthy, closer to 100%,  you can give a more to the people in your relationships.

The interesting thing about not being at 100%, is that it gives you an opportunity to empathize with others, and show them grace when they’re not in the most healthy place.

Because you know how it feels to be only 80% emotional healthy or 60% healthy, you can relate to where others are and even help them as they journey back toward being healthy.

When you do this, when you show that grace and that empathy, when you are self-aware, it improves your relationships.