I'm Afraid of Calling My Friends

I’ll be honest, sometimes I’m afraid of calling my friends. 

I know, it’s a millennial thing. A lot of us only communicate through text and maybe voice chat, but that’s it. 

We don’t really pick up the phone. 

There’s such a vulnerability that has developed over the years from actually calling people.

It’s scary.

With the option to show people what we want them to see on social media, actually picking up the phone and calling people puts you out there in a different way.

But that’s good. 

In order for us to build healthy relationships, we have to put ourselves out there a little bit differently than we’re used to.

We have to be vulnerable.

There are some people that we know we enjoy spending time with them, but we are afraid to reach out to them and start building a friendship. 

We’re just waiting on the right moment for that spark to happen. 

But the truth is, it doesn’t really work like that. 

We have to reach out. We have to be a little vulnerable. We have to take a chance on a friendship.

Because when we don’t, we could miss out on great friendships and great people.