Why You Should STOP Giving Advice

When your friends come to you and actually ask if they can I talk to you, just say yes, then don’t say anything!

So often people we are in relationships with want to talk to us about what they are processing through, and they already know what their end result should/could be.

But they still want to talk it out.

This is great because it gives you an opportunity to strengthen the bond that you have with them and gain more insight into what makes them tick. 

The hardest part of this is you not talking.

It’s hard because for some strange reason we can help others solves the problems that they have in their lives better than we can in ours. So we are usually willing to give out advice like free candy. (or maybe free money, since we’re grown~ish)

My hope is that you don’t do this! 

Because at that moment, when your friend, your spouse, your mom or dad, or whoever, they want to process through what they feel, and they trust you enough to actually let you listen in on that process.

This is a MAJOR  privilege!

They are giving you access to their deeper thoughts and feelings, and if handled incorrectly, could change the bond that you have with them.

If they just want to talk, then just listen. If they do ask you for advice, then that’s another story.

Just listen, and you’d be surprised how much your relationship grows.